Tama Mari
GameMaker pixel-game
November, 2006

School of Arts

My function:
Game designer
Level designer
Interface designer
A game with balls! No seriously. Remember those wooden toys with marbels where you had to hold it the right way to guide your marbel through a maze filled with gaps? Well this is sort of the same, but cooler! Again working with with friends and classmates Roy de Groot and Paul Veer, we thought of a game where we could twist the whole wooden marbel-maze thing into something even more exciting!
Tama Mari is a game where you take control of a ball and rotate the level, making sure that the bottom of the screen is always the gravitation-point. Then all you needed to do is set the angle and send your ball flying to the end of the level in one try. A very easy concept which was easy to learn within the first level. But what is easy to learn, MUST be hard to master. And it was. But it was so much fun. This game has been downloaded 9.000 times by visitors from MickM.com and has been played a lot by classmates of us.

January 2013

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January 2013

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21 December, 2012

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