Grapplon Wii
Schoolproject to make a Wii-game for THQ
April - July, 2008


My function:
Game Designer
Lead Artist
For our final 3rd year project, we had to work 4-5 months on a game for a very special client. The clients were Bluetongue and THQ, but we actually made it for BlueTongue. It was our job to create a game for the Wii, being inspired by Super Smash Brothers. We had to incorporate the techniques motion-control and physics. After hours of brainstorming and numerous conceptual pitches, we came up with Grapplon!
In Grapplon, you operate a spaceship having only a grappling-hook at it's disposal, you will need to use it to both defend and attack. Throw out your hook and latch on to objects and reel them in. Then with a circular lasso-motion of the controller, lasso your object around your ship to finally let it go and send it flying. Use this technique to reel in powerups or throw powerdowns at your enemies. Also note the gravity of all planets and use those gravitation-fields to your advantage. Space is a dangerous place, but also a usefull place. You can combust or freeze your hooked objects by swinging it close to planets that posess the wanted element.
You can play with 2-4 players in epic spacebattles around the universe in more than 15 levels. Our game was so successfull, other projectgroups frequently visited us to play the game. I personally sucked at it, but you can't make games while you play them, right? Our teachers and clients were VERY happy and impressed with the work and our dean also reminded us of the Independant Gamedesign Challenge held every year at the GDC and wanted us to submit Grapplon. Ambitious as I am, we are going to do this! AND WIN!!!

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