The Lost Memory
Serious game for the employees of the Rabobank
September - December, 2008

School of Arts

My function:
Game Designer
Character Artist
Object Artist
Interface designer
For my first Master-project, I was put in a team to build a Serious Game for a very big Dutch client, the Rabobank which is one of the largest banks in Holland. The task was to create a Serious Game which teaches the employees of the Rabobank what Serious Games are and how they can be used. Because we had a team with *varied* skills, we had a long concepting-period. After this period, we chose to make a point&click adventure where you'd be playing a Serious Game Guru that lost his memory and had to regain it. This was not our first concept of the adventure. Before we chose this one, we had the idea of a detective, a reporter, aliens and a aggrivated boss all having to collect information and learning about Serious Games. We finally decided to go with this one for time- and gamedesignreasons.
Because of my perfectionism, I find it hard to see people not work as hard on things as I do and as my teacher pointed out, I also had some trouble with dealing with people who perform less than me. That is perhaps partially true, because in a group-project, it must come from both ways. In the end I feel like only the programmer and I really kept on going the whole period. Though, I must say that during the end, everyone started to get on the right track and kept on shining. Even though my teachers complimented us on an outstanding project, I feel as if it could have been way better. Because I was still a little upset about not doing a 3D-project, I felt like I was stagnating my development. In the end, it was a fantastic project and oportunity for my teammates. For me however, it was a nice moment to learn some valuable things about my school and learning to deal with annoying issues.
It all comes down to what the client thinks ofcourse. I've worked a few times with the Rabobank and know them as a nice client. They proved to be this once again and after our grading-period through school, we only heard positive comments. They really loved the project and are willing to continue this. Ofcourse this is nice to hear and I really hope it turns out great for them. I however, do not wish to continue, but if any of my teammates wish to, I wish them the best. When the project was over, our teachers were (strangely) pleased.

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