Classic point & click Adventure
December, 2006

School of Arts

My function:
Game designer
Concept artist
Interface designer
For the class of leveldesign, we had to make a point-and-click game just like in the 90's and pay close attention and detail to the leveldesign. After a little brainstorming, my dad asked me why I didn't do something with the human body and he began describing all these bloody levels filled with dirt and goo. That got me thinking. What if there were aliens living inside humans and they wouldn't know that they're aliens. They would have a religion that knew of their origin, but wanted to keep it a secret in order to remain their dictorial regime as a religion. We could have an alien from another body come to the body we play in to stirr things up and let it end with another alien travelling to another body to loop the story. I laid down this idea to my teammates and friends Roy de Groot and Jeroen Stout. Jeroen and I then began to write the gamedesign for our yet to be named game. After a little brainstorming we came on the idea of naming the aliens Bodilies, since it was all bodily. What happened was something I had never done before and it was passing on a drawing of conceptart of a bodilie. After passing it around 3 times, we finally had a collaboration that was worthy of being finalised into the final Bodilie-design.
Bodilies is the story of Neil, a quite individual Bodilie who witnesses a rocket crash-landing on his world. Seeing the pilot being imprisoned for spreading blasphemy and lies, Neil begins to wonder. The pilot speaks of the world not being a world but in fact being one living giant (a human being), and that there are more of those giants. Neil then begins on his journey through the entire world of the giant in search of the truth and finally trying to build a rocket to get off the world to see the truth for himself. On his way towards the truth he makes friends and enemies, one of which is the church who dominated the world with it's dictorial regime of lies.
Bodilies is a true adventure with lots of puzzles, loads of dialogue, an epic story and many small bits of humor. Be advised that if you are not a fan of any of these things, I do not recommend playing it. But those of you who are always interested in playing unique and original games that will suspend your disbelief in an epic quest of unvailing the truth, look no further! Bodilies was greeted with many respect by our classmates and we were also asked to show Bodilies on the School Conference later that year. We were also featured by site Flabber.nl, JayIsGames.com and LazyLaces.
What also is cool to mention, is that the game has been played more than 500.000 times and that without us knowing, many sites have published walkthroughs, just like the old adventures "back in the days"! :D

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