House of Anubis: The Mask of Mofid
Web-based adventure game for the Nickelodeon tv-show House of Anubis
June - December, 2008

MediaMonks b.v.

My function:
Character artist
Prop artist
Level artist/designer
This is probably the biggest professional project I've had the honor of working on. At my work at MediaMonks, we started working on a very hige project last year for the clients Nickelodeon (awesome) and Studio 100 (a Belgian tv-show producer). They wanted Mediamonks to game a webgame for their hit tv-show, Het Huis Anubis, which is kind of like a soap opera for children and teenagers. For the game, I worked with an incredibly large team on various things. I worked on enemies, items, pickups, leveldesign and I even designed the big badguy himself, Mofid. Ofcourse all, while working in a multidisciplinary team. I had loads of fun being part of this and it's just awesome hearing children talk about the game you helped build. I played it myself and I must say that the team did an amazing job :D The game has actually 2 parts with the 2nd being kind of like a standalone expansion with basically the same engine and graphics, but added levels, items and sections. The first game focusses on the group of teens (from the series) trying to capture the mask of the evil wizard Mofid. In the second game, the group ventures deep into the tombs of Apep, an even greater danger!

January 2013

Businessman - Character-set
January 2013

SNAPPY Photography
January 2013

January 2013

January 2013

Christmas-card 2012
21 December, 2012

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