With Jim Evans

Sevens, a popular dice game made for OrangeGames’ portal Gembly, is a game where the main goal is to make 7 by combining dice and adding the values.

Seeing as we wanted to attract a more mature audience, but still keep the fresh and funky style of Gembly, we came up with idea of a 70’s gameshow, where the player would be one of the contestants of the gameshow.

Because we had so much fun, we thought it would be hilarious if the game would revolve around an ego-driven gameshow-host, who came up with a game that rhymed with his own name, probably also insisting on having his own name in the title.¬†With Jim Evans, I wanted to design him to be a mixture of all the cheesy gameshow-hosts with prodent-smiles and swagger that could only be surpassed by Muppets’ Guy Smiley.

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Date: February 10, 2015

Client: OrangeGames

Category: 2D, Animation, Interface design