Governor of Poker 3

Chat emoticons

One of the reasons why Governor of Poker 3 is so popular is because there’s a very passionate team behind it, constantly making updates, tweaking the game, improving it, to ensure an awesome gaming experience.

One of these updates was the addition of emoticons, or emoji. Because a poker-game can be quite an intense game, you don’t always have time to express yourself in words. In those situations, a well expressed emoticon will do the trick.

I’ve am lucky to have been able to work on the Governor of Poker-franchise for a few years now. But because it’s such a large franchise and over time, the team has grown so much, I felt like showcasing the whole game would not feel fair, considering I was only a small part in the grand total.

That is why I chose to showcase just the emoticons.

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Date: June 16, 2015

Client: OrangeGames

Category: 2D, Animation