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What's this site all about?
MickM.com is a website all about me, Mick Moolhuijsen. What used to be a small funny website with cool links and a few Photoshop tutorials, grew into an award winning Photoshop-community with +200 tutorials and a very active forum. I Initially added my portfolio on the side, but after 7 years of tutorials, I decided to entirely focus on my portfolio. Right now, having worked for almost a decade in graphic design, working with various clients in the Netherlands and in and around Europe. Right now, I am available for work as an artist, an animator and designer in various assets.

Staying updated...
Below you can find a selection of 6 projects that will continue to update throughout the year. Stay updated by checking in every once in a while to see what kind of new things have been added. Because some projects last only a few days and others weeks or months, there is no telling when or how many projects will be updated. Missed an update? That is why the updated are sorted by date. That way, you will always find the latest projects.


January 2013

Businessman - Character-set
January 2013

SNAPPY Photography
January 2013

January 2013

January 2013

Christmas-card 2012
21 December, 2012

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